General Aspects
Machine-made braidings are generally known from many things in everyday life, such as shoe laces, cords, water or oil hoses, mountaineering or tow ropes or hose lines in the automotive industry.

We braid hoses or supply hollow braid (loose mesh) made from all kinds of materials.

Braiding is used to significantly increase the hose bursting strength of hose pipes or to protect the hose against being damaged. For this purpose, the braiding is wound directly on to the hose.

Hollow braids are used when the hose cannot be braided directly. We produce a braid without a hose, so that the user can slip the braid over the line that has to be protected as necessary.

Hoses with an external diameter ranging from 2 mm to approx. 120 mm can be braided, depending on the requirements.

We produce braidings to customer specification or use the proven in-house standards. Rings, drums or short pieces can be provided as type of packaging.

Fields of application:
- Automotive sector ( braids for compensators, brake lines, fuel lines )
- General engineering sector ( hydraulic lines )
- Building services / sanitary engineering ( oil-fired burners, water hoses, et cetera )
- Medical engineering ( endoscopes )
- Electrical industries ( shields )
- Offshore application ( deep-sea application, hydraulic applications )

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