Hollow braid made of metal
Hollow braids are used for many products and applications as mechanical protection or for electromagnetic screening. Hose braids of variable diameters are used when this type of protection has to be fitted on a hose afterwards.

We produce a braid without a hose, so that the user can slip the hollow braid over the line that has to be protected as necessary.

Stainless steel wire, galvanised steel wire or copper wire (blank or tin-plated) are all used as braid material. Flat-rolled copper hollow braids are frequently used as earth cable whereas flat-rolled stainless steel braid is employed as retractable band in paint shops. All braids are manufactured in compliance with our in-house standards or as continuous cut goods according to customer specifications, in case of justifiable quantity. Given the corresponding volume, fixed lengths cut to size can be provided as well.

Fine braids for the medical industries are special applications of hollow braids. Here very fine wires with a diameter of 0.025 to 0.07 mm are braided and supplied on a carrier hose by the meter.

→ Loose braiding material / delivery programme and data sheet as PDF
→ Braided copper shields / delivery programme and data sheet as PDF
→ Fine braids / delivery programme and data sheet as PDF
→ Retractable band / delivery programme and data sheet as PDF

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